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Laura Schrock

Owner, Light Lounge Littleton

Laura Schrock is the Owner and Light Lounge Littleton located in Littleton Colorado. Light Lounge Littleton provides Red Light Therapy using medical-grade, FDA-listed beds and lasers to help decrease inflammation and oxidative stress throughout the entire body. They strive to help athletes, weekend warriors, and the general public recover from activity and restore their bodies to a level of optimal health and performance. With a healthy, pain free body, life is just more fun!

Some of the things Red Light can help improve are sleep, athletic performance, recovery & healing, hair growth, skin health, muscle gain & fat loss, and auto immune function.

Some of the things Red Light can help reduce are the symptoms of arthritis, headaches/migraines, thyroid issues, gut issues, stress & anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Laura and her husband started using red light therapy in December of 2019. After 2 years of consistent treatments and feeling amazing, they decided they wanted to dedicate themselves to spreading the word about Red Light. That brought them to open our own Light Lounge location in June of 2022. They find so much joy in getting to know our clients and their stories and seeing the success so many of them have after using the light.

Ideal Client

Their ideal clients are of all ages and demographics. It is anyone suffering from chronic pain who doesn’t want to take or hasn’t found relief with medication. Athletes who want better performance and faster recovery. Individuals wanting to recover from an injury or surgery. People who are stressed out, anxiety ridden or depressed. Any health conscious person looking to prevent disease and slow down the aging process.

Business Power Partners

Chiropractors, gyms, personal trainers, doctors, dentists, physical therapists, therapists. retirement communities, high school & college athletic programs, naturopaths, yoga studios.

Contact Info
720-439-2476 - Phone
312-420-6660 - Mobile
Located in Littleton, CO

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