Professional & Business Development Speaker/Trainer Requirements:

  1. Topic must be a professional or business development topic in which SHE Leads Group membership has requested.
  2. Guest speaker/trainer cannot be in conflict with another member's business category.
  3. Business represented by speaker/trainer must not have a negative online presence with reviews or complaints with the BBB.
  4. Business represented by speaker/trainer must be a registered business with the Secretary of State.
  5. Guest speaker/trainer will abide by time limits during their presentation.
  6. Speaker/trainer agrees to not "sell" to membership. Promotion will be given to the guest speaker/trainer (See promotion included below). A guest speaker/trainer's most powerful promotion is showcasing their expertise in front of SHE Leads Group members who are well-established and networked business women. Guest speaker/trainer is encouraged to arrive early and stay after the meeting to network, and is allowed to bring handouts, promotion flyers, and business cards with their contact information.
  7. Speaker/trainer is required to do a online one-on-one with the Chapter President or SHE Leads Group Founder.
  8. Speaker/Trainer will provide outline, bio and promotional blurb for their topic for approval.

 Guest Speaker/Trainer Promotion:

  1. If the guest speaker/trainer is for an all-chapter event, email marketing will highlight the speaker/trainer. Speaker/trainer will provide a brief promotional blurb or content outline, logo, photo by needed time frame to be promoted in email marketing.
  2. Social media marketing will be provided to promote the guest speaker/trainer and their topic.
  3. If the guest speaker/trainer is for an all-chapter event, the event will be added to all current web pages, such as the networking page of the SHE Leads Group website, Eventbrite,, and other online event listings.
  4. If the speaker/trainer provides a slide show and handouts in electronic format, SHE Leads Group may offer to upload it to the member only, training back end of the SHE Leads Group website. This provides the speaker/trainer with more promotion as it lives on the website.
  5. If speaker/trainer provides the Chapter President or SHE Leads Group Founder with a 30 second bio/intro for the meeting, it will be read to the attendees.
  6. Pre-promotion also includes verbal announcements at chapter meetings and in leads group chapter meeting notes.
  7. Guest trainer/speaker will receive 4 free tickets to the event, valued at $50 each/$200 total.

Guest Speaker/Trainer Payment:

Typically, guest speakers/trainers are not paid to present to SHE Leads Group members and guests. The promotional value of exposure to our email and social media database in pre-promotion is how we support our guest speakers/trainers.