Before you apply, SHE Leads Group requests the following:

  1. Check out the current member list for the chapter in which you are interested to make sure another business does not already occupy your business category.

  2. Visit SHE Leads Group chapters at least once before you apply for membership.

  3. Have one-on-one networking meetings with any prospective power partners in the chapter for which you want to join.

  4. Read the "Member Benefits""Member Requirements" and Terms and Conditions pages of our website.

  5. At the foundation of our success is our culture. Please be sure to read our culture statement before continuing.

When an application is accepted, the membership starts immediately. Failure to attend and accept membership immediately can result in the membership being denied.


  1. A current member in good standing who wants to join and pay for membership into up to one additional chapter, need not visit two more times, although they should visit the group at least one time and try to connect with their business power partners. An additional short application is required and members of the chapter still get to weigh in on the application.

  2. Permanent meeting room hosts who have been vetted by SHE Leads Group Founder, need to complete the complimentary membership online application, but it is not required to visit twice or hold one-on-one meetings with potential power partners. Forming a new chapter is contingent on finding the proper meeting room.

  3. Transferring a current membership to another chapter. Member must be in good standing and the transfer cannot conflict with another member. Before asking to transfer your membership, we do ask that you visit the new chapter and do one-on-ones with your prospective power partners to be assured it is a good fit for you. Filling out another application is not required. Members of the chapter still get to weigh in on the application.