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Malina Peterson

Owner of MP Notary Services


Malina Peterson is a commissioned Notary Public and certified Signing Agent with MP Notary Services located in Parker, Colorado and serving the Denver metro area. She spent 28 years in corporate America working in retail banking and mortgage finance with most of those years spent as a trainer. Her expertise was in interpersonal skills and spent her career training groups on communication styles, personality types, building trust, and dealing with conflict. After an unexpected layoff she decided to branch off on her own and continue with her passion of helping others.

Malina loves connecting with new people and helping them navigate difficult situations from signing 150+ pages in a loan closing to signing estate planning documents when time is of the essence. Malina will sit patiently and is happy to answer the questions she can and get attorneys or lenders on the phone for the questions she cannot answer due to legal restrictions. Always flexible and creative with signing situations, Malina will do everything in her power to ensure everyone is comfortable and feels confident with the process.

Malina knows the importance of ensuring legal documents are executed properly and also understands the intimidation a stack of them can cause. She has been extensively trained on mortgage loan and real estate closing documents as well as the documents and forms included in an estate planning package. She will expertly and patiently guide you through the signing and take the necessary steps to avoid errors.

Malina has lived in Colorado since 2002 and loves spending time with her husband Matt, son Erik, and two dogs Nike and Zeus. As a family they enjoy camping in their fifth wheel trailer and hiking and are working on showing Erik this beautiful country. She also enjoys focusing on her health and fitness and is currently addicted to Zumba, Zumba Toning, and Pound.

Ideal Clients

The ideal client is anyone looking for the added convenience of not having to go to the notary, but having the notary come to them. Could also be someone who wants to provide that convenience and confidence for their clients (attorney, realtor, lender, other business owner). Malina is happy to work with anyone who needs the notary to come to them especially in situations when the signer physically cannot leave their home. And she always gives special discounts to law enforcement, military, and veterans.

Business Power Partners

•    Lenders, realtors, and escrow agents
•    Attorneys with a small practice (not part of a large firm)
•    Contractors, roofers
•    Business owners

Contact Info

Located in Parker, CO & serving the Denver metro area

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