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Theresa Garrigan

Owner, Cool Body Studios

Theresa Garrigan is the Owner and Certified CryoSkin Technician at Cool Body Studios located in Summerville, South Carolina. Their mission at Cool Body Studios is to provide a safe, non-invasive, affordable and highly effective solution for men and woman looking to permanently remove stubborn fatty pockets and fibrous cellulite from the body that have not responded to changes in diet and exercise. We do not view ourselves as a substitution for regular exercise and a healthy diet; rather, our services compliment and accelerate the aesthetic benefits that adopting a healthy lifestyle brings. This brings me to our greater mission at Cool Body Studios which is to support and promote health and wellness and body confidence for ALL. CryoSkin Slimming and Toning treatments are among the most affordable, cryolipolysis treatments on the market to date. And with the inclusion of both 3rd party and in-house (non-interest accruing) financing options, we want ALL to enjoy the benefits of CryoSkin and feel empowered to be able to effectively change the things they don’t like about their body in the hope that greater self-love and confidence is achieved. And, lastly, being that CryoSkin Slimming, Toning and Anti-aging Treatments are all that we do and what we do best, we ARE the CryoSkin authority in this region.

With a background in the beauty industry; more specially esthetics; as well as corporate sales and with a deep passion for helping people improve the quality of their lives and overall well-being, Theresa feels that the CryoSkin/ CryoTherapy industry is the ideal industry fit. Also, having a sister who is a surgeon who can monitor our charting and the guidance and mentorship of a sister-in-law who was one of the first in the United States to establish and operate a chain of successful CryoSkin Studios (Thrive Cryo Studio), the idea of bringing an exclusively focused CryoSkin business to an area with virtually no competition seemed like a no-brainer.

Ideal Client

Men or Women with a strong desire to reduce and/or eliminate fatty tissue and cellulite from their body. They are committed to adopting a healthy, low sugar diet, regular exercise program and increasing their water intake (or already engaged in these healthy lifestyle practices); all, of which, support the body’s process of disposing of the crystalized fat cells formed during their cryolipolysis treatment. These healthy lifestyle practices also maximizes the effectiveness of their CryoSkin treatments and will support the longevity of their results.

Business Power Partners

Gyms and athletic trainers, hairdressers, dietitians, naturopathic and holistic healthcare practitioners, nurse injectors, those working within the bridal industry.

Contact Info
Located in Summerville, SC

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