Meetings start and end promptly at the chapter's stated time. Arrive early and/or stay a few minutes after to network.

1. Welcome, Read SHE Culture Statement, Introduction of Guests, Fun Factoid or Group Question (10 Minutes)

“SHE Leads Group is a community of professional women in business development roles of established businesses and who are well-networked. They feel welcome and welcome others into SHE Leads Group. They appreciate the role many women have of being a full-time caregiver to loved ones and advancing their full-time career or business. The letters “S H E” stand for Supporting Heart (our families) & Enterprise (our business). Members are expected to uphold the values and culture for which SHE stands (which can be found in our chapter notebook and on our website). SHE Leads Group is more than just a leads group. We are a group of supportive women who truly want to help others in any way possible. The mission of SHE is to empower women in business development roles to be more successful by being equipped with knowledge to grow their business and making quality connections that develop into long-term, lasting referral relationships.”

2. Member in the Spotlight (10 Minutes)

3. Business development training and masterminds (20-30 minutes)

4. 60 second commercials (15-20 minutes)

SHE Leads Group has a special formula for our commercials to always keep it fresh.

5. Wrap-up & Announcements (5 Minutes)