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Julia Bernzott

Owner of Breathe Easy Virtual Office Assistant


Julia Bernzott is the owner and virtual assistant of Breathe Easy Virtual Office Assistant located in Littleton, CO. As a Virtual Assistant, Julia and her team provide virtual assistant services to small businesses.  Julia opened Breathe Easy in April of 2019 out of necessity.  She has been working as a virtual assistant for a company in North Carolina for over 4 years and after joining She Leads Group, she realized just how much small business owners and entrepreneurs need help on a small level. She can do virtual assistance work 1 hour a week for one company, and 5 hours a week for another, depending on the need. Being a contracted virtual assistant, businesses do not have to provide benefits, office space or a salary. She can help with a single project or an ongoing task that needs to be handled on a regular basis.

Julia currently offers the following services:

Marketing Email formatting & scheduling
Social Media Graphic Creation and Scheduling
CRM updating and maintenance
Sorting and redirecting Email
Sending invoices or paying bills online (no bookkeeping)
Data entry
Building Spreadsheets in Excel
Light website updating in Wordpress, Squarespace & BigCommerce 

She and her team are familiar with many programs that small business uses. For example: Lion Desk, Send Out Cards, Canva, Adobe Photoshop Elements, ActiveCampaign, Zoho CRM & Social, Zapier, ActivePipe, Mission Suite CRM, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Robly, Buffer, Hootsuite, Loomly, Vimeo, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. 

Everyone on the Breathe Easy team is willing to learn new things so if what you need is not listed here, contact Julia.

Ideal Client

Breathe Easy Virtual Office Assistant is for any business owner or entrepreneur who is overwhelmed with small tasks and is comfortable passing them on to someone else; anyone who has a large project coming up and needs temporary help getting it set up; or anyone who can’t afford to hire a new employee but needs help.

Business Power Partners

Other trusted business service providers such as business consultants/coaches, marketing consultants/coaches, CPAs, bookkeepers.

Contact Info

Located in Littleton, CO

What does SHE stand for?

SHE is more than a leads group - SHE Leads Group exists to support women in business development roles. SHE Members are women in business who appreciate the role many women have being a full-time caregiver to loved ones and advancing their full-time career or business. The letters “S H E” stand for Supporting Heart & Enterprise ®. Heart is our families, or anything near and dear and personal to us. Enterprise is our business or career. Members are expected to uphold the values and culture for which SHE stands. Every member of SHE Leads Group should desire to be a resource to each other. SHE Leads Group is more than just a leads group. We are a group of supportive women who truly want to help others in any way possible.