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Cyna Milinazzo

CEO/President, Liberty Communications


Cyna Milinazzo is the CEO and President of Liberty Communications located in Westminster, Colorado. Liberty Communications excels in deploying advanced VoIP solutions, business phone systems, and comprehensive communication technologies, including cutting-edge systems from Wildix and Weave. Their approach is holistic and thorough: they begin with selecting the right internet service, ensuring the structured cabling is optimally configured for speed and reliability, and then integrating tailored VoIP, security, and paging systems.

They Offer:

  • VoIP Solutions: Leveraging industry-leading technologies from Wildix and Weave to ensure seamless and efficient communication.
  • Business Phone Systems: Sophisticated systems crafted to enhance connectivity and operational efficiency across all sectors.
  • Structured Cabling: The foundational backbone for all your IT needs, designed for superior performance and dependability.
  • Surveillance Cameras: State-of-the-art camera systems for continuous monitoring and enhanced security.
  • Access Control Systems: Customized access solutions to secure your premises, providing safety and control.
  • Paging Systems: Effective communication solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure for clear, instant messaging across facilities.

Our comprehensive 'cradle-to-grave' service model ensures that every aspect of your communication setup is considered from the initial planning to final implementation and ongoing support. This thoroughness guarantees not just functionality but also future-proofing your investment.

Ideal Client

Dental Practices, Legal Firms, Manufacturing Companies, Financial Institutions, Educational Facilities, Religious Organizations, Non-Profits, and More: We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of various sectors, providing solutions that streamline communication, enhance security, and improve operational efficiency.

Cyna is passionate about connecting with fellow leaders in the She Leads network to share insights, explore new technologies, and champion the advancement of women in technology. Together, let’s innovate and lead the change in our industries!

Business Power Partners

  • IT Service Providers and Consultants: Partners who specialize in IT infrastructure and cybersecurity can collaborate with us to provide holistic tech solutions to clients.
  • Commercial Real Estate Agents: Real estate professionals who work with businesses in need of sophisticated office setups can refer clients who require advanced communication systems in their new locations.
  • Construction and Building Companies: We can partner during new constructions or renovations to integrate state-of-the-art communication and security systems.
  • Security Firms: Companies focused on physical security but needing a partner for electronic and surveillance components.
  • Business Consultants: Experts advising businesses on efficiency and scaling could partner with us to recommend the best communication technologies that align with business growth strategies.
  • Accountants and Bankers: Financial professionals who understand the value of secure, reliable communication systems can recommend our solutions to businesses looking to optimize their operational expenditures and enhance data security.

Contact Information

Office: 720-399-0233
Mobile: 303-523-4246
Located in Westminster, CO

What does SHE stand for?

SHE is more than a leads group - SHE Leads Group exists to support women in business development roles. SHE Members are women in business who appreciate the role many women have being a full-time caregiver to loved ones and advancing their full-time career or business. The letters “S H E” stand for Supporting Heart & Enterprise ®. Heart is our families, or anything near and dear and personal to us. Enterprise is our business or career. Members are expected to uphold the values and culture for which SHE stands. Every member of SHE Leads Group should desire to be a resource to each other. SHE Leads Group is more than just a leads group. We are a group of supportive women who truly want to help others in any way possible.


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