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SHE Leads Group Coast-to-Coast B2B Chapter - Virtual

SHE Leads Group is a great opportunity for women in business development roles!

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Due to our extraordinary member benefits and our difference from other leads groups and networking groups, SHE Leads Group is growing! SHE Leads Group is the only women's leads group or networking group that offers a high-value, not high-priced, all-inclusive membership with up to two protected business categories.

What is a B2B leads group?
A B2B leads group means the members of the leads group are businesses who market to other businesses (ex. a web design company or marketing consultant). A business may offer a product/service to both consumers and other businesses and that would also qualify them to be in a B2B leads group. For example, an insurance agent may be able to offer both commercial and personal property/casualty insurance. Because a portion of their business markets to other businesses (for commercial insurance), they would meet the criteria to be in a B2B leads group.

SHE Leads Group chapters are business-category-exclusive. Before registering for your free visit, please check the member directory below to see if your business category is already taken.

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1st & 3rd Thursday of every month 9-10:15 a.m. 
Please feel free to arrive 5-10 minutes early and/or stay after to enjoy more networking time.

Click here for the Zoom link.

Chapter President: Lori Dubois, Sacred Story Stones

Virtual Leads Group Member Directory

Beth Boen

Founder of SHE Leads Group

I love helping people build long-term, loyal relationships that produce quality connections in their business that can lead to lifetime customers and endless referrals. SHE Leads Group allows me to do that. As the Founder of SHE Leads Group, I occupy the corporate trainer and business development consultant categories. Learn more about Beth Boen.

Debbie Stratton

Graphic Designer & Top Dog at Design Dog Studio, LLC

Debbie has over 25 years of graphic design experience in the corporate world, and started Design Dog Studio 15 years ago. Design Dog Studio occupies the Graphic Design business category. Learn more about Debbie Stratton.

Denise Klein

CEO/Chief Educator, SproutWare Systems

Denise Klein is the CEO and Chief Educator at SproutWare Systems. They help service-based small businesses to simplify their technology by ditching multiple, expensive tools and moving to their all-in-one CRM and Marketing platform-SproutWare. Denise occupies the CRM/Database Management business category. Learn more about Denise.

Heather Pacaro

Owner of Heather Pacaro Coaching

Heather provides leadership coaching. Heather helps high achieving women transform into powerful leaders who are confident in their abilities and clear about their career goals. Heather occupies the leadership coaching business category. Learn more about Heather Pacaro.

Joyce Feustel

Founder of Boomers' Social Media Tutor

Joyce provides group training and one-to-one tutoring in person or via Zoom to help business owners and job seekers (especially those 55 and older) to be more effective and productive while using LinkedIn and Facebook. Joyce occupies the social media marketing business category. Learn more about Joyce Feustel.

Liz Wendling

Owner of Liz Wendling Sales Coaching

Liz provides Sales Coaching and Consulting for professionals who sell services and want to sell with authenticity and close with confidence. Liz occupies the Sales Coach/Trainer and Business Coach/Consultant business categories. Learn more about Liz Wendling.

Lori Denham

Owner of High Point Bookkeeping

High Point Bookkeeping offers full-charge bookkeeping services, specializing in clean-up and catch up projects. Lori occupies the bookkeeping business category. Learn more about Lori Denham.

Lori Dubois

Owner of Sacred Story Stones

Lori Dubois is the owner of Sacred Story Stones, a unique shop that provides handcrafted beaded items to support your spiritual journey, whatever that may be. Lori occupies the Gifts and Jewelry business category. Learn more about Lori Dubois.

Mary Gaul

Owner of Success Magnified

Mary is a speaker, author, coach, leader and community builder. Success Magnified provides the tools to help stuck or stressed out entrepreneurs rekindle the joy and energy in their business. Success Magnified occupies the marketing and business coaching category. Learn more about Mary.

Mary Wuest

Business Development Electronic Storefronts

Electronic Storefronts is a full-service email & website hosting, and website design & development firm located in Denver, CO. Mary Wuest occupies the website design/developer and search engine marketing business categories. Learn more about Mary Wuest.

Stephanie Johnson, CRPC™

Financial Advisor with Edward Jones

Stephanie's branch is committed to educating our clients so that they have the confidence to retire in the comfort they have dreamt. Stephanie occupies the Financial Advisor business category. Learn more about Stephanie Johnson.

Susan Mann

CHO (Chief Herbert Officer) at Local Herbert Agency

Local Herbert Agency is a marketing agency that has a mission to demystify marketing for small businesses by helping them get found on Google and locally. Susan occupies the Marketing Coach/Consultant business category. Learn more about Susan Mann.

Suzanne Mitchell

President/Matriarch of Zamar Screen Printing, Inc.

Suzanne and her business partner have been in business 30 years. Zamar Screen Printing occupies the promotion products, screen printing, and embroidery categories. Learn more about Suzanne Mitchell.

Member Since 2016

I have been a member of SHE Leads Group since 2016. It has been a fantastic way for me to grow my business and my network with other women business owners. I have gained clients and friends through this group. Beth Boen has created a true culture of support for each other while focused on growing successful businesses. I highly recommend this group.

Mary Gaul, Success Magnified, 5-Star Google Review

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Unique & Exceptional Networking Environment

Having participated in various networking groups over the past two decades, I've found them to vary in their impact and similarity. My experience with She Leads stands apart. The caliber of professionals drawn by Beth and the deliberate intention behind each event or gathering are notably distinctive. For those seeking a unique and exceptional networking environment, I strongly encourage visiting and observing firsthand the remarkable quality of professionals who attend this group.

Liz Wendling, 5-Star Google Review

Connect to Great Women

I liked the SHE Leads Group from the minute I walked in. It's a very talented group of professional women run by Beth Boen, a super enthusiastic caring person who loves to network and loves helping members be their best. It's not a typical group where you walk into a group of strangers trying to get more business. The groups meet twice a month, so we get to know each other, both inside and outside the meetings. It also includes an educational training piece, super helpful when running a business. Anyone trying to connect to great women should attend a meeting!

Debbie Stratton, Design Dog Studio, 5-Star Google Review

What does SHE stand for?

SHE is more than a leads group - SHE Leads Group exists to support women in business development roles. SHE Members are women in business who appreciate the role many women have being a full-time caregiver to loved ones and advancing their full-time career or business. The letters “S H E” stand for Supporting Heart & Enterprise ®. Heart is our families, or anything near and dear and personal to us. Enterprise is our business or career. Members are expected to uphold the values and culture for which SHE stands. Every member of SHE Leads Group should desire to be a resource to each other. SHE Leads Group is more than just a leads group. We are a group of supportive women who truly want to help others in any way possible.


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