SHE—More than just a leads group…

At SHE Leads Group, we are more than a typical leads group. Sure, we refer to our organization as a “leads group”, but we are really about leading each other to success through business development training and building long-term relationships where each and every one of us is willing to stake our stellar reputations on each other. We're a women's leads group with a true difference!

At SHE Leads Group we do some things differently.

  • Since every SHE Leads Group chapter is built on members who are already established and have a stellar reputation in the business community, every new member application is given to the current members of the group so they have the opportunity to vet new potential members. If a current member of the chapter believes there are enough red flags that the applicant would not be referable, then we decline those applicants. After all, most people belong to leads groups to get leads and SHE Leads Group does not want to waste anyone’s time.

    Here are some things we evaluate:
    • The professionalism of the applicant. An example of a red flag might be the applicant has an unprofessional voicemail message and/or answers their business phone unprofessionally.
    • The customer service of the applicant. An example of a red flag might be the applicant does not follow through on scheduling a one-on-one with their potential power partner in the chapter, after that power partner reached out to them.
    • The quality of work of the applicant. An example of a red flag might be bad online reviews about their business or BBB complaints.
    • Not a start-up company or network marketing company.

  • We focus on building relationships first—before we ever expect to receive a lead or pass a lead.

  • We believe every meeting should have some sort of business development training. Members are encouraged to share best business practices and things they have learned to grow their business and/or become more profitable. We meet to grow our business!

  • We believe one’s investment in the group should be more about their time, than money. One can contribute to the group in a variety of ways, such as accepting one of the volunteer positions in their chapter, donate meeting space for their chapter, provide in-kind donations to offset costs, or pay a small fee. We also ask members to invite guests, show up for meetings, conduct one-on-one meetings on off meeting weeks, share their expertise to grow the group, and be educational presenters if they have learned something to grow their business.

  • We believe that a company who occupies more than one business category should be able to have all the categories that make sense for their company. Most leads groups only let a company occupy one business category. (Ex. a financial planner who can also sell life insurance should be able to have both the financial planner category and life insurance category).

See the SHE Difference here!

We’re different and we’re not afraid to say so.

If you think you want to be a part of this different and exciting group, check to make sure your business category is not already occupied by clicking on the member’s page of the chapter you are interested in joining. If your business category is not occupied, we invite you to visit us by clicking on the calendar of event for the chapter you are interested. Feel free to visit us at least twice to decide if our group is right for you. We will never pressure someone to join the group. Either you believe it is right for you or not. If you like us and meet the membership requirements, then we welcome you to fill out an online application.

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