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Senaida Wilkins

Personal Banker II at Champion Bank

Senaida Wilkins is a Personal banker II at Champion Bank. Champion Bank prides themselves on providing a personal touch to our banking services in Parker, CO. "Champion Bank reminds me of a wholesome, small-town bank where everyone always greets each other!", says Senaida.

As the only locally owned and underwriting bank in the area, Champion Bank understand the unique needs of their customers and are committed to delivering exceptional service. 

Whether you're looking for business loans, commercial lending, mortgage solutions, or personal banking services, they have you covered! 

If you are seeking higher levels of FDIC coverage for your personal and/or business deposits, let them open a multi-million-dollar FDIC insured sweep account today and immediately ensure the safety and security of all your deposits.

Work directly with Champion Bank―a bank you know and trust―to access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance and forego the need to track collateral on an ongoing basis, or to manually consolidate statements and disbursements from multiple banks. Increased deposit insurance allows community banks to grow and retain more deposits, expanding community lending opportunities.

Their business accounts, CDs, checking, and savings accounts are designed to meet your financial goals. Plus, they believe in giving back to the community that has supported the community throughout the years. Contact Senaida today and experience the difference of community banking!

In 2022 Champion Bank was recognized in the Best of the Best of Parker. Senaida is proud to share that in 2023, she was personally nominated and recognized as Parker’s Best of the Best Bank/Credit Union. 

She believes that Customer service is an important part of the banking experience! She is here to help you with questions or requests quickly and spare you the long wait time, because Time is Money! She works with individuals who are in the beginning stages of their business, experienced business owners, and non-profit corporations.

Ideal Client

Senaida works with anyone looking for personal service with your personal and business banking. 

This includes anything from opening a checking account, savings account, CD’s. 

She can also assist in the process of understanding your lending needs, that include purchase of commercial real estate, purchase of equipment, and working line of credit for your business.

She especially enjoys working with business owners who have felt “stuck” with their bank because “they have been with them forever and it’s too much of a hassle to change how my payments are processed.”

She is versed in reading a typical bank statement, so she can help you identify how your payments are being processed. This will help you when contacting your merchants/vendors with your new account information, so your business is not interrupted.

Power Partners

Estate and Trust Attorneys
Financial Planners

Contact Info

303-840-8484 Office
720-626-1190 Mobile

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