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Donna Deteau

Owner of Sparx Coaching


Donna Deteau, life coach, is the owner of Sparx Coaching located in Denver, CO. As a Life Success and Mindset Coach, Donna is known for getting her clients beyond realistic results. She has been coaching for 13 years.

Donna believes that every single one of us has a light, a spark, that wants more: we want to be more, have more, and achieve more. Some people listen to that spark. Some people don’t listen. And some suppress that spark. Donna works with those people who listen and who know they need help igniting their spark.

Most people have been taught all kinds of strategies: financial strategies, investment strategies, business strategies, streamlining strategies, time & prioritization strategies, and life strategies, to name a few. But none of us have been taught mental strategies for getting “Beyond Realistic Results.” What Donna has learned in her 6 decades on this planet is that when we learn these mental strategies, we can do, get, and achieve anything we want!

Have you asked yourself these questions:

  • "What do I want?”
  • “What do I REALLY want?”
  • “What do I SECRETLY WANT?” 

Most people ask, "What do I think I can get?" Donna helps people discover and achieve what they REALLY want.

Donna challenges her clients to dream big…and then dream bigger. If you want to chat with Donna about dreaming BIGGER, then schedule a complimentary 45-minute virtual session with her.


  • Private one-to-one mindset coaching
  • Private one-to-one life coaching
  • Mastermind life coaching
  • Self-paced online coaching programs

Ideal Client

Donna's ideal client is intellectually humble and knows they cannot “level-up” without some guidance and help along the way. Another ideal client is often times going through another type of transition, whether that be a separation or divorce, moving across the city or to another city/state/country, changing jobs or careers, having a baby, being promoted in their present job, their business just had a big growth spurt, or their business or their life is stagnant/stuck.

Business Power Partners

Accountants, Bookkeepers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Financial Advisors, Sales Coaches, Leadership Coaches, HR Consultants and Professionals, and Personal/Virtual Assistants

Contact Information

Thornton, Colorado

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