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Laura Davis

Residential Architect/Interior Designer, hpd architecture + interiors


Laura Davis is a Residential Architect and Interior Designer at hpd architecture + interiors located in Denver, Colorado. Laura has 24 years of experience in new home design, remodeling, and renovation. She is a founding member of HPD Architecture & Interiors, which started in 2008. Having worked on homes in Colorado, Utah, and Texas, she is here to help you turn your house into a home that serves you and your lifestyle.

With a solid background in residential architecture, and historic preservation, Laura enjoys working with existing spaces to bring new life to older properties. She is energized by the character of older homes and the stories of those who have lived there. Responding to your needs as the current owner, while also honoring the personality of the original home is a delicate process to be enjoyed.

Laura moved to Colorado in 2022 and her journey wasn't just a change of scenery—it was a transformative experience that deepened her understanding and respect for the challenges homeowners face. Leaving behind our familiar Texas roots, she and her husband, and two boys embarked on a journey filled with hope and plans for a more adventure and time with extended family.

Ideal Client

Laura's ideal client is your best friend. She is a mom, a wife, a daughter and is managing all those roles simultaneously. She wakes up with LEGOs on her bedside table. She thinks about her mom who just had knee-replacement surgery. She is planning the logistics of getting kids to soccer practice and a hockey game on the same night. 

She is a homeowner who has found herself comfortable but knows something is missing. She longs for more sunlight, a special chair to read her favorite book, and a back porch where she can have drinks with friends on the weekends. She delights in her children's interests but gets frustrated with her small laundry room and the pile of shoes she trips over by the back door. 

She is a woman who works hard and deserves an upgrade in how her home supports her. She deserves a kitchen that makes meal prep easier. She deserves to get ready in the morning in a bathroom that empowers her to  to face the day. She deserves a creative space that restores her energy and inspires her to keep going.

Business Power Partners

Interior designers, commercial architects, realtors, contractors, financial advisors, personal life coaches, and professional organizers.

Contact Information

Mobile: 214-549-3977
Located in Denver, CO

What does SHE stand for?

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