Purpose: To ensure member requirements are upheld and applied equally to all members. To have a procedure to dismiss a member who is not upholding the membership requirements of SHE Leads Group.

Scope: To be applied to all members.

Responsible Persons: Chapter Coordinator is responsible for enforcement. All members are responsible for upholding member requirements.

Policy: If a member is not upholding the membership requirements of SHE Leads Groups, the following warnings will be given. The most likely membership requirement a member would not uphold is attendance. Other examples might be not having one-on-one meetings with other members to build relationships, bringing disruptive children to the meeting and rules not followed, not providing a quality product/service and/or customer service to the leads they receive from another member (See “Handling Grievances with Members in the Chapter” policy).

  • 1st offense – A member does not follow a SHE Leads Group policy/procedure: Chapter Coordinator will casually mention the offense. Ex. Member does not have an excused absence – Chapter Coordinator might say something like, “We all missed seeing you today. I hope everything is OK.” Wait for a response and if appropriate, say something like, “I’m glad everything is OK. In the future, if you let me know in advance, we can count that as an excused absence.”

  • 2nd offense: Alert the member that this is their 2nd unexcused absence (or other offense).

  • 3rd offense: Alert the member that any future unexcused absences will jeopardize their membership in SHE Leads Group. Chapter Coordinator shall alert Group Founder, Beth Boen of the member’s offenses. Beth Boen may then reach out to that member.

  • 4th offense: The member can be asked to leave in writing, with the approval of the Group Founder, Beth Boen.