Purpose: To established a code of conduct to maintain professionalism and exceptional customer service to each other. To prevent as much as possible conflicts/grievances between members.

Scope: To be applied to all members.

Responsible Persons: Group Founder and Chapter President to enforce; Officers and Members to comply.

Policy: Members will adhere to the following no gossip policy and procedure in all business directly and indirectly related to SHE Leads Group, its chapters and members. SHE Leads Group has zero tolerance for gossip.

  1. Gossip Defined:  When someone talks to someone else about a problem, issue or something that is negative, to someone who is not part of the solution.

  2. If a member is gossiping to another member, the other member should not engage and remind the gossiping member of this policy. The gossiping member should be reminded of the grievance policy and procedure and direct any concerns to the Chapter President.

  3. When gossip can be proven, the gossiping member will be given one warning. By gossiping a second time (about any member) and said gossiping can be proven, the gossiping member will forfeit their membership and leadership will ask member to leave the chapter.

  4. Proof of gossiping can be: Email and/or witness of a verbal conversation (witness is not the person being gossiped about).

  5. When to report gossiping: If a member is gossiping to you and does not heed the gossiping warning in which you remind them, they should be reported to your Chapter President.

  6. Leadership will give gossiping member only one warning. If same member is proven to be gossiping about any member again, member understands and agrees to forfeit their membership and no refund will be given.