Purpose: To ensure grievances between members are satisfactorily handled and grudges do not exist, nor rumors be spread.

Scope: To be applied to all members.

Responsible Persons: All Members, Chapter Coordinator, Group Founder


  1. Should a member have a grievance with another member, that member should go to the member they have a grievance with and kindly, professionally, and politely explain their grievance.

  2. At no time should a member gossip about another member. The grievance should be kept in strict confidence between the two parties.

  3. If a resolution cannot be attained, the person with the grievance should let the other person know they will talk to the Group Founder about the situation.

  4. Group Founder will ask if the above procedure has been followed and if it has not, she will instruct the member to do that first. SHE Leads Group is not an arbitrator, but if it is found that one member is not upholding membership requirements, they may be asked to leave SHE Leads Group.

Examples of Grievances:

  • Member purchased another member’s product or service and is dissatisfied.

  • Member referred another member to one of their clients, friends, or family members who was not satisfied with the product or service received.

  • Members’ children have a conflict at a meeting.

  • Member heard that another member was talking negatively about them behind their back (gossip).