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Current Jobs Available:

"Part-time Virtual Marketing Assistance"

Must be in Denver Metro

SHE Leads Group is a successful, growing networking organization in Denver Metro. SHE Leads Group exists to empower and support women in business and women in business development roles. The letters S H E stand for Supporting Heart & Enterprise™. The supporting heart piece is our families. SHE Leads Group provides members support through personal development opportunities and resources. The supporting enterprise piece is our business. SHE Leads Group provides members support through professional business development training at meetings. Many women have two full-time jobs being a caregiver to a loved one and a full-time career woman or business owner and SHE Leads Group wants to support and empower these amazing women to reach their personal and professional goals!
Our exciting growth is because SHE Leads Group is very different from any other networking organization out there. We have a “secret sauce” that is so delightful to women, that when they experience SHE Leads Group as a visitor for the first time, they want to continue coming to our networking events. This growth has made it necessary for SHE Leads Group to add a Part-time Marketing Virtual Assistant (VMA). Additionally, some of the members in our organization are seeking virtual marketing assistance, so more hours may be available by our member companies.
As the VMA for SHE Leads Group, you will assist the owner by providing marketing and administrative services that move the business forward to achieving its goals. This initially is an independent contractor position. The hours will depend on the needs of the organization. Initially, the VMA will be asked for a minimum of 5 hours a week, with hours able to increase as the organization continues to grow. This is a work from home position. Some Zoom and/or face-to-face meetings may be necessary to provide the VMA with some on-the-job training.
Our ideal candidate will be:
  • A great listener, who asks good questions, and can make quality conversations happen
  • Enthusiastic, helpful, and able to make people laugh and feel good about themselves
  • Excited to be around people, network, and preferably already has their own established network
  • Collaborative and willing to share ideas as a team player
  • High integrity – always willing to do the right thing
  • Excellent at customer service skills, including verbal and written communication skills to make calls to prospects and existing members
  • Willing to learn various Software as a Service (SaaS) and is a faster learner – ZOHO CRM, MailChimp Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing platforms like Buffer and Planoly, Eventbrite, Meetup, etc.
  • Poised and able to speak in front of small groups, as well as assist the owner from time to time at special events
  • Able to meet deadlines and be attentive to details

If this sounds like the opportunity for you, please send your resume and address your cover letter to Beth Boen at Include the job title in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you!

SHE Leads Group Chapter Presidents - Independent Contractors

Get Paid to Run Your Own Leads Group Chapter

SHE Leads Group is a unique leads and networking organization based on our four cornerstones: 1) No MLM's or start-ups. 2) Every meeting has business development training. 3) Meetings are only twice a month and 4) Membership levels for all budgets.  These four cornerstones are what have made our membership increase at a fast rate. SHE Leads Group offers some other unique differences that make our organization very appealing from other corporate ones out there.

With more demand for SHE Leads Group chapters to open, SHE Leads Group is looking for Chapter Presidents to assist in bringing in starting new chapters. Read full job description here.