Why be a SHE Leader?

When we say SHE is different than other leads groups, we are serious. In addition to the differences all our members enjoy, our Leadership Team is also different than other groups you may have heard about or even been involved with. To be supportive of our Regional Directors, Chapter Presidents, and Chapter Secretaries, we have a system that requires far less time than other leads and networking groups require of their team, along with more support.

SHE Leads Group knows your business is your top priority, as it should be. Serving on the SHE Leads Group team should help you grow your business, not take up all your time. We want to give our leaders support by providing you with well-designed and structured operating guidelines that are easy to implement, and training ideas and assistance to help you support your chapter while providing increased visibility for you and your business. If you are a natural connector, or want to be know as a connector, this is an excellent opportunity for you.

Leadership positions help keep you top of mind! Be seen as the "go-to" for information and/or connections.

Get paid to network, grow your business, and be seen as a respected leader in your community!

SHE Leads Group is looking for women business owners who love what they are currently doing, but want to gain more influence and connections through the proven SHE referral marketing business system.

As a Regional Director you can keep doing what you love! In this leadership position you can attract new customers and increase profits for your own business, too!

The ideal candidate for a SHE Leads Group Regional Director is a business owner who has a business that provides a product or service to other businesses (B2B). She is positive, professional, enthusiastic, a great listener, well-connected, collaborative, and supportive.
  • Business coaches/consultants/advisors
  • Marketing/Branding coaches/consultants/advisors
  • Sales trainers/consultants
  • Business brokers
  • Other business trainers
  • Fractional COO/CFO
  • Bookkeepers/Accountants
  • Social media consultants
  • Any business helping other businesses to sell, market and be more profitable!

Benefits of being a Regional Director:

  1. Receive business training from the Founder who will help you to not only grow chapters, but will build your own business. Regional Directors have the option of getting additional one-on-one training on any of the online classes with the Founder of SHE Leads Group, Beth Boen. You'll become a better networker and a better business person.

  2. Be seen as a leader and a resource in your region. In this influential position people will begin to see you as a resource and they will think of you as, “If you need a quality resource for anything, [fill in your name] will know someone.” This will help your business's top of mind awareness in the community. Additionally, Regional Directors gain credibility with other members, as they have been trusted with this position by the Founder of the organization and have gone through rigorous vetting. 

  3. Regional Directors are paid a generous commission on all new and renewing memberships.

  4. Regional Directors also receive a free Corporate membership in all the chapters they start and no registration fees (Value of $600 per chapter + a one-time $150 registration fee).

  5. Regional Directors are recognized on the Regional Directors page of the SHE Leads Group website and receive other recognition throughout the year from the SHE Founder. 

  6. You will never be alone. The Founder of SHE Leads Group herself will cheer you on and support you every step of the way! You'll have access to all the tools to assist in starting and growing a chapter. No need to start a leads group from scratch. SHE Leads Group provides you with the business model and tools to be successful.

Regional Director Core Responsibilities:

  • Start new chapters in your region. Chapters can be a mix of in-person and virtual. We encourage only starting one chapter at a time, as we never want this responsibility to take away from your time growing your own business. Starting new chapters is a great way for you to get new leads for your own business.

  • Attaining and retaining membership for you region with the support of SHE Leads Group Corporate providing training and many tools at your disposal, including a proven marketing system. Your success is our success! 

  • Plan and run bi-monthly (twice a month) meetings for any chapters in your region where there is not a Chapter President and/or Chapter Secretary.

  • At your discretion and if desired, onboard Chapter Presidents and Chapter Secretaries to assist in the planning and running of bi-monthly meetings of your chapters.

  • As your region grows, plan other networking events that add value to membership. SHE Leads Group has a proven list of events that attract and retain members, including the methods to plan and promote those events.

Growing membership is EASY because SHE Leads Group truly offers benefits that no other women's networking or leads group can claim:

  1. Leads groups with no network marketing (MLM) representatives.

  2. Three affordable membership levels that allow members to choose what they need. SHE memberships are high value – not high priced!

  3. SHE Leads Group offers TRUE business-category-exclusivity! Depending on membership level, members can occupy up to two business categories. We don't dissect business categories like other leads groups.

  4. Quality networking events outside of the leads groups are included in membership.

  5. Meeting with substance - not just a social hour. Meetings include expert business and professional development trainers who are relatable and share their knowledge by providing actionable items to positively affect one's business.

  6. Meetings not held in restaurants, but in a setting that is conducive to member presentations and training.

  7. No leads quotas mean no fake leads – real leads happen and SHE Leads Group provides support in more ways than just leads.

  8. A vetting process for new members that looks for the best - not just anyone who can pay membership dues.

  9. A meeting schedule that honors a woman's busy schedule. We don't require weekly meetings and we have a "For When Life Happens" attendance policy. And, unlike other groups no one is “volun-told”. Volunteer positions are just that and don’t take away emphasis from your own business.

  10. A true culture of support! We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. SHE is an acronym for Supporting Heart & Enterprise™. Heart is our family, anything near and dear and personal to use. Enterprise is our business. Having a good work/life balance and getting the support for both is something unique to SHE Leads Group.