SHE Founder, Beth Boen recounts her day and the support of the SHE members when a tragic school shooting happened at her son's school. Tuesday, May 7, a terrorizing and tragic event happened at my son's school – another school shooting. This is a day I will never forget and there are things Ethan and I saw that we will never be able to un-see.

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Recently, I received the most terrible email customer service from a woman in a prominent position in a Denver organization. I could not believe how bad it was. Make sure your staff is not making these same mistakes that can prevent a business from being successful. Read more.

If you are too busy to provide exceptional customer service it’s time to get some help! Are sales with prospective customers falling through the cracks because of poor follow up and follow through? Is a customer unhappy because of broken promises? Learn how you can remedy this problem!

If you are participating in any kind of marketing activity where you are collecting information on potential customers, test your staff to make sure they are following up and following through on those who actually say they are interested. Recently, I went to a home show where different home service providers were present with their exhibit tables. What is astounding to me is their complete lack of follow up and follow through! Read more and find out what percent followed up with me - you won't believe this number!

No response, no problem: I'll just take my business and referrals elsewhere. I am no longer surprised by bad customer service, I am surprised by great customer service. Learn from these two stories and read six email tips to ensure you are providing exceptional email customer service. Read more.

Recently I had a one-on-one meeting that was to be a get-to-know-each-other-for-the-first-time kind of meeting. It was clear this person was there to sell to me, which should never be the goal at a first meeting that is intended on being a networking meeting. A few of her actions made me realize this rather quickly. Read more.

Your competitor said what about you? Finding out what your competition is saying about your business behind your back can add thousands to your bottom line, as long as you act on this intelligence. Recently, I was at a home show where one of our SHE Members was exhibiting. At this same exhibit, one of her competitors was also there. What I experienced with her competitor was unexpected, but a huge value for our SHE Member! Read more.

I recently attended a networking event that was well attended and in a great venue. There were many professional business people there. I was standing alone for a brief moment and a man came up to me to introduce himself. His style of networking felt rather contrived and imposing. Read more.

Many times business owners view the competition as the enemy. This can be a mistake. Your competition can be a helpful resource and a referral partner. Let me illustrate with a couple of quick stories. Read more.