Is that possible? A leads group that helps you build your business without all the impersonal, form-filling-out, surface level relating?

If your leads group works for you, that’s great! If it doesn’t, and you understand what we’re talking about here, you may want to check out SHE Leads Group with multiple chapters in the Denver metro and front range areas.

SHE Leads Group is different. We focus on referral marketing born from strong relationships. While we may not be a fit for everyone, we may be a PERFECT fit for you if you have experienced any of the following and didn't like:

  • Groups that focus solely on stats (like attendance and filling out lead forms) instead of building relationships and finding the right power partners
  • Weekly meetings which may be difficult to manage with your busy schedule (SHE meets twice a month)
  • Too many start-ups or MLMs (multi-level marketing) that may or may not even be a full-time gig for the owner
  • Too many takers, not enough givers (you especially notice this if you are a giver)
  • Lack of peer mentorship and training opportunities
  • Lack of professional development
  • Only one business category allowed
  • High-priced membership combined with a huge time investment
  • Unwelcoming, unfriendly, or lack of camaraderie because of cliques

If you’ve heard all the reasons people don’t like leads groups and why they don’t work, but know how important networking is, there is a solution that may be right for you! Visit one of our meetings to experience the SHE Difference!

What’s referral marketing got to do with it? Everything!

Referral marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) around. You are truly missing out on business building opportunities if you don’t focus on referral marketing. SHE Leads Group members practice referral marketing and see the rewards of their efforts!

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If you want to maximize your marketing resources, put your time and money towards what works best: referral marketing. Get this valuable guide for free and start developing your competitive edge now!

Check us out! Visit one of our virtual meetings!

*During this COVID phase, our meetings are being held virtually. Each chapter does has a physical location to which we will return when we are able.

If you want to experience the difference of SHE Leads Group, we’d love for you to visit a meeting! Contact us to find out which Denver metro area SHE Chapter might be the most convenient for you and needs your industry area of expertise! No obligation whatsoever – we want to show you what we’re all about and have you observe the support and positive energy within our groups. We think you’ll see the difference right away!