Member Benefits Offered Under a Single Organization
Is your membership in other groups all-inclusive, or does it merely give you "access" to events for an additional fee?



Our Culture. Unusually different than other leads groups, our culture is about supporting one another. Members are expected to uphold the values and culture for which SHE stands, which includes no cliques, no gossip and no drama. Every member of SHE should desire to be a resource to each other. SHE Leads Group is more than just a leads group. We are a group of supportive women who truly want to help others in any way possible.

Membership pricing to meet your needs. We offer a variety of member benefits depending on your needs. View our levels of membership. Both an annual paid-in-advance discounted rate and month-to-month option is available for all levels of membership.    X  
Business-category-exclusivity in each chapter. We believe business-category-exclusivity is very important when in a leads group. No one wants to be networking in a group with several competitors at the same event. SHE allows Corporate members to occupy 2 business categories. At our cross-chapter events (called All-Chapter/All-Guest), we do not have business-category-exclusivity so that all members can attend and develop friendships and referral relationships.    X  
Visit other regional chapter meetings as often as you wish, where your business category is open.*    X  
Only 2 meetings a month to honor a woman's busy schedule and a "for when life happens attendance policy"    X  
Powerful agenda - each meeting is only 1 hour 15 minutes. In that time, we honor a member with a Member in the Spotlight, have a 20-25 minute business development training, every member and returning guest gets a one-minute commercial, new guests get a 2-minute commercial, and there is still time for member announcements, shout-outs, and SHE announcements. Free-style networking occurs before and after each meeting.    X  
Only established businesses - we vet our applicants. SHE Leads Group does not allow start-ups, network marketing businesses (MLM's), or companies with a bad online reputation or BBB rating. Members must work full-time in/on their business. Members must agree to uphold the SHE Culture. (See our vetting process)    X  
Work on your business with valuable business development training at every meeting. Receive actionable training you can start using in your business that day. Members receive free access to the online training library in the Members area of the website.    X  
Additional networking and training meetings throughout the year where available, including regional quarterly all-chapter/all-guest meetings, monthly virtual business-category-exclusive speed networking, being a guest at the virtual Guest Day meetings, a regional holiday party, and other in-person and virtual networking and business training workshops from subject matter experts. These events are included in membership and optional to attend.    X  
Dedicated business profile web page - Standard listing with Basic membership. Enhanced profile with company logo and back link to your website available with Premium & Corporate memberships. Corporate member profile can also include streaming promo videos, social media links, and more.    X  
Social Media Member Spotlights - On a rotation basis, all Premium and Corporate members will be advertised on the SHE Social media platforms, showcasing them and their business.    X  
Member Spotlights - On a rotation basis, all Corporate member will be advertised in the weekly email newsletter.    
Volunteer leadership positions with perks. Our chapter presidents receive a free corporate membership and only pay a $150 registration fee, which includes all the training and support needed to run and build a successful chapter. Chapter secretaries who are the president's right hand woman, receive half-off a Basic membership and can upgrade from there. SHE Leads Group believes in appreciating the volunteers in the organization. Many other groups charge a high administrative fee and/or membership dues, require a huge time investment, and do not offer the support the SHE Founder personally gives the leaders in the organization.    X  
She SHARES Mobile App to serve our Members! Other groups offer apps that serve their organization's effort to track, but none have all the features the SHE App has to serve our members.    X  
Access to book a meeting with the Founder. Book a 1:1 with the SHE Founder- based on availability.    X  
No extra charge for Premium and Corporate memberships to attend all-chapter special training events with guest speakers who have specialized business development expertise.    X  
Members have a say in accepting applications of prospective new members. All new member applications are circulated to existing members in case one wants to confidentially bring up any concerns one may have about an applicant.    X  
No eating meetings - whenever possible, we find free meeting room space where a meal purchase is not required. Additionally, SHE believes that restaurant eating meetings are a distraction and reduces our ability to be productive.    X  

Be a guest blogger or trainer on any approved business development topic with a back link to your website. Being a newsletter guest writer is available with Corporate membership. Being an expert trainer at various chapters where your business category is not represented is a great way to get added exposure and is available to Premium and Corporate members.


Access to the SHE Leads Group National LinkedIn and Facebook groups. This is where members can advertise their events, promotions,or simply share or ask for advice.


* Member can visit other chapters as many times as they wish, as long as their business category is not taken in the chapter they are visiting. It is best to check with the Chapter President before visiting in case a new member has joined and there is a lapse of time to get the new member on the SHE Leads Group website directory for that chapter.

No other networking or leads group offers ALL these benefits with ONE membership into a single organization!
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