If you’ve tried leads groups or networking groups before and were left feeling a little, well, underwhelmed, maybe you just didn’t find the right group for you.

SHE Leads Group is different. We focus on referral marketing born from strong relationships. While we may not be a fit for everyone, we may be a PERFECT fit for you if you have experienced any of the following and didn't like:

  • Groups that focus solely on stats (like attendance and filling out lead forms) instead of focusing on building relationships and finding the right power partners
  • Weekly meetings which may be difficult to manage with your busy schedule (SHE meets twice a month)
  • Too many start-ups or MLMs (multi-level marketing) that may or may not even be a full-time gig for the owner
  • Too many takers, not enough givers (you especially notice this if you are a giver)
  • Lack of peer mentorship and training opportunities
  • Lack of professional development
  • Only one business category allowed
  • High-priced membership combined with a huge time investment
  • Unwelcoming, unfriendly, or lack of camaraderie because of cliques

If you’ve heard all the reasons people don’t like leads groups and why they don’t work, but know how important networking is, there is a solution that may be right for you! Visit one of our meetings to experience the SHE Difference!

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*During this COVID phase, our meetings are being held virtually. Each chapter does has a physical location to which we will return when we are able.

If you want to experience the difference of SHE Leads Group, we’d love for you to visit a meeting! Contact us to find out which Denver metro area SHE Chapter might be the most convenient for you and needs your industry area of expertise! No obligation whatsoever – we want to show you what we’re all about and have you observe the support and positive energy within our groups. We think you’ll see the difference right away!