New mobile app and affordable pricing to support women in business during COVID19

DENVER, CO – May 8, 2020: As SHE Leads Group – Supporting Heart & Enterprise™ celebrates its 4th anniversary on May 10, Beth Boen, Founder reflects back to her humble beginnings. Beth founded SHE Leads Group after being told in a different leads group to choose between the group or her family. Beth states, “As a long-standing member who was one of the top lead passers and very active, I did not expect the response I got when I asked for a hiatus due to a life-changing diagnosis a close family member received. I was told, ‘Either you are here all the time, or you are not here at all.’” Obviously, Beth chose her family member’s well-being over obeying the leads group rigid attendance policy. She searched for a women’s networking and leads group that would have all the things she wanted. Visiting all the traditional varieties, as well as the women’s groups that are more social than business, she realized what she was looking for did not exist, so she created a leads group that matched her vision and many other women’s desire. Everything she did not like about traditional leads groups she got rid of and did the opposite. Now, she truly has something extraordinary that women are requesting to join. SHE Leads Group – Supporting Heart & Enterprise™ has grown to five strong chapters in Denver metro.

Now, SHE Leads Group – Supporting Heart & Enterprise™ is breaking the mold again with the new She SHARES mobile app for members. “Other, much larger corporate leads groups have apps, so that is no different, but what makes our app so different is it was developed to truly support our members. Most leads group apps focus on tracking: tracking leads given, tracking dollars, tracking attendance. Our app will focus on supporting our members and providing more value to them, making it easier to connect to each other and connect leads to each other.

“One of the many differences in our app is Easy Intros™. Easy Intros™ will be something extraordinary.” Beth Boen states. Easy Intros™ will allow a member to refer a lead on the spot to another member. Easy Intros™ provides an email introduction to the member and the lead in less than a minute. Beth describes this activity, “Imagine a member is talking to a friend who says they need to buy a car, but hates the dealership experience. The SHE member tells her friend about the advantages of using an auto broker and offers to connect her friend to the auto broker in her leads group. Her friend agrees. In less than one minute, the member can make that email introduction on her app, by only having to enter the lead’s contact information and hitting that member’s name and the submit button. Behind the scenes, through the app’s service layer, a well written email introduction is produced and sent to both parties from the member giving the introduction. “This may seem like a small thing to someone not familiar with referral marketing, but it is a big deal”, says Beth Boen. “Many times we are meeting with someone and realize we can make a connection for a hot lead or referral partner, so we write it down on a note and rely on doing it later when we are able to make a proper email introduction. Sometimes the note could get lost, or when we finally have time to make that proper email introduction, the lead has turned cold. Additionally, the time to make a proper email introduction is dramatically reduced using the app, saving our member’s valuable time in making those introductions. Easy Intros™ solves all those problems.” Beth Boen also emphasizes the importance of making a proper email introduction over just sending a lead to the member on a physical lead slip or virtual lead slip like other organizations do. “Providing proper email introductions to both parties that includes a well-written commercial telling the lead why the person you are referring is top-notch is very important in helping the member close the lead.” Beth Boen is assisting all her current members write these 3rd party commercials which will be used in Easy Intros™.

In addition to a very different mobile app, many other non-traditional practices of running a leads group and affordable pricing for memberships, is getting SHE Leads Group – Supporting Heart & Enterprise™ noticed by women in the Denver metro area and the Front Range. SHE Leads Group – Supporting Heart & Enterprise™ has laid the groundwork to expand across Colorado with plans to go nationwide.

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ABOUT SHE Leads Group: SHE Leads Group is a community of professional women in business development roles of established businesses, who are well-networked. They feel welcome and welcome others into SHE Leads Group. They appreciate the role many women have of being a full-time caregiver to loved ones and advancing their career or business. The letters “S H E” stand for Supporting Heart (our families) & Enterprise (our business). SHE Leads Group members desire to grow their book of business and help others to do the same. Members are expected to uphold the values and culture for which SHE stands. Every member of SHE Leads Group should desire to be a resource to each other. SHE Leads Group is more than just a leads group. We are a group of supportive women who truly want to help others in any way possible. For more information go to