Supporting Heart & Enterprise

Learn more about our membership benefits and requirements.

Member Benefits

SHE offers business development training, a full page profile listing, business category exclusivity in as many categories that are relevant to your business, and much more. Learn about our awesome benefits!

Membership Requirements

We welcome locally owned, established businesses that have a great reputation. Start-ups (less than a year old) and companies that are multi-level marketing (MLM's) are not considered. Find out if SHE is right for you.

Apply for Membership

Once you have visited the chapter you are interested in joining two times, talked to the members, and reviewed our benefits and requirements, you can fill out our online application. Applying to join SHE is easy.

SHE Leads Group is different from other leads groups.

SHE Leads Group offers:

  • Business development training at every meeting
  • Business category exclusivity in multiple categories
  • Schedules that honor the professional mom in business
  • Local, professional, established, and reputable businesses
  • Low to no cost memberships

What does SHE stand for?

SHE Leads Group - Supporting Heart & Enterprise of the professional mom in business, mom want-to-be, and woman who appreciates moms.