One of the many challenges businesses face is overcoming their industry's poor reputation. SHE Leads Group has experienced this same thing. I was talking to one of our member's today and she was gushing about how different SHE Leads Group is over any other leads group she has ever attended. Read more.

According to Affective Neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp, these moments are the most impactful for connecting with your children. Us working moms can have a new view on these 9 precious minutes everyday. Read More.

I attended a small trade show recently. Some of the businesses had very professional trade show booths that were well-branded and others had obnoxious “salesy” signs and unprofessional propaganda all over their tables. It was quite the spectrum of bad to excellent. Learn what not to do.

As a customer experience and marketing consultant, I find many people have an amazing product or service, but do a poor job at tooting their horn. I sometimes find myself saying, "You need to toot your horn about [what they are so great at]". Most people are very uncomfortable about doing so, because they don't want to sound braggadocious. There are many opinions on the subject of self-promotion. But, what can be the potential problem with not tooting your own horn?

Are you making this common mistake that could be losing business! This one hasty mistake could cause you to miss a legitimate inquiry and you could be missing something in which a customer is not satisfied. Read some real and recent examples that happened to me.

Making an email Introduction can be challenging for some people for a variety of reasons. One reason is they have trouble finding the time. Another reason is maybe they don't know how. Let's look at how an individual can overcome these challenges. Read more.

Have you ever gone to a one-on-one networking meeting and been disappointed with the interaction? Perhaps the other person monopolizes the conversation and never asks you any questions about your business. How can you prevent this from happening and what are some other time factors that get in our way to have these quality one-on-one meetings? Read more.

This is not a simple yes or no answer. Many factors come into play. Whether you should provide a referral fee or referral rewards program is a decision you need to make with careful consideration. Here are some things to consider: Read more.

Timing is everything! A great time to ask for a referral or online review is when your customer is saying how happy they are with your product/service. Perhaps they sent you a thank you card. I love getting thank you cards, but an online review shares their satisfaction to the whole world! Read more.

Happy customers giving your business a referral is known to have the fastest close rate. Yet, so many businesses fail to ask clients for referrals and many who do ask for referrals ask the wrong way. Read more.