After being in business for more than 13 years and growing my business mostly from referrals, I have learned how important referral relationships are. Over the years I have had some interesting things happen to me when it came to giving others referrals. I thought this list might be somewhat entertaining, while being educational. Read more.

Sometimes when business gets busy, solo entrepreneurs and micro-business owners go off their well-balanced marketing diet. This is a critical error and can cause disaster. Marketing is required whether business is at a peak or in a valley. Read more.

Many leads groups track the business being passed by using lead tracking forms, partly as a way to legitimatize the cost of their memberships and boast numbers. But, what these forms don’t track is how many junk leads are being passed, because someone feels pressured to put something down even when they don’t really have anything to pass. Read more.

Why should you know your competition and how do you get the intelligence that you need to become better in your own business. Mystery shopping the competition is a great way to get that intelligence! Read more.

Do you have a difficult time finding quality leads groups where your business category is not already filled or not any warm body is accepted? Have you and those in your network found it difficult to locate a networking group that is not full of start-ups and MLM/network marketing companies, but rather with well-established, well-connected members? SHE Leads Group has all the tools to help you start your own quality leads group, where you and your network can shape the success of the group. Read more.

Too many times when someone is asked, “Who is your target market?” they say “Everyone can use my products/services”. But, when you really ask the right questions, you quickly find out not everyone is their target market. So, what are some of the right questions to ask to determine your target market? Read more.

My passion for connecting people has fed my soul and so has SHE Leads Group! With the new year, comes new goals and what exciting ones they are for SHE Leads Group. Read more.

10 Money-Saving Tips Tip #1: Have a budget and use it! Preparing and using a budget is key to your financial success for both your business and personal life. Budgets help prevent spending unnecessary money on items you could do without. For a personal budget template, visit Tip #2: When you need an outsourced service provider, get bids and compare apples ...

Recently, the founder of another leads group invited me to one of his meetings. I was happy to accept his invitation and it seems he has a thriving leads group. One thing I realized is that I really do despise the “eating meeting” leads groups. I know that is a very strong word, but it is how I feel about it. Other people might feel the opposite, and that’s ok. Not everyone hates the “eating meetings”. Why would someone possibly hate an "Eating meeting"?

You may have the privilege of selling a great product or service. Your company might even have competitive pricing. Your company has great introductory offers and promotions to capture new customers. In fact, you have your USP crafted perfectly to tell people how what you are selling is different and better than your competition. But, there is something very important missing. Read More...