If you are participating in any kind of marketing activity where you are collecting information on potential customers, test your staff to make sure they are following up and following through on those who actually say they are interested. Recently, I went to a home show where different home service providers were present with their exhibit tables. What is astounding to me is their complete lack of follow up and follow through! Read more and find out what percent followed up with me - you won't believe this number!

Your competitor said what about you? Finding out what your competition is saying about your business behind your back can add thousands to your bottom line, as long as you act on this intelligence. Recently, I was at a home show where one of our SHE Members was exhibiting. At this same exhibit, one of her competitors was also there. What I experienced with her competitor was unexpected, but a huge value for our SHE Member! Read more.

Many times business owners view the competition as the enemy. This can be a mistake. Your competition can be a helpful resource and a referral partner. Let me illustrate with a couple of quick stories. Read more.

One of the many challenges businesses face is overcoming their industry's poor reputation. SHE Leads Group has experienced this same thing. I was talking to one of our member's today and she was gushing about how different SHE Leads Group is over any other leads group she has ever attended. Read more.

I attended a small trade show recently. Some of the businesses had very professional trade show booths that were well-branded and others had obnoxious “salesy” signs and unprofessional propaganda all over their tables. It was quite the spectrum of bad to excellent. Learn what not to do.

As a customer experience and marketing consultant, I find many people have an amazing product or service, but do a poor job at tooting their horn. I sometimes find myself saying, "You need to toot your horn about [what they are so great at]". Most people are very uncomfortable about doing so, because they don't want to sound braggadocious. There are many opinions on the subject of self-promotion. But, what can be the potential problem with not tooting your own horn?

I hear so many people saying they think marketing plans don’t work. They say this for a few reasons: The marketing plan someone wrote for them didn’t truly contain the legs to make it work and it just sits on a top shelf of a bookcase collecting dust. Read more.

Sometimes when business gets busy, solo entrepreneurs and micro-business owners go off their well-balanced marketing diet. This is a critical error and can cause disaster. Marketing is required whether business is at a peak or in a valley. Read more.

Why should you know your competition and how do you get the intelligence that you need to become better in your own business. Mystery shopping the competition is a great way to get that intelligence! Read more.