I hear so many people saying they think marketing plans don’t work. They say this for a few reasons: The marketing plan someone wrote for them didn’t truly contain the legs to make it work and it just sits on a top shelf of a bookcase collecting dust. Read more.

At SHE Leads Group, we are all about providing the training to thrive in your business. In this blog we share the five mistakes that will cost you customers. There are many things that can drive customers away. In this article, I am only covering five of those mistakes. Making even one of these mistakes can cost you customers. Read More.

Why should you know your competition and how do you get the intelligence that you need to become better in your own business. Mystery shopping the competition is a great way to get that intelligence! Read more.

10 Money-Saving Tips Tip #1: Have a budget and use it! Preparing and using a budget is key to your financial success for both your business and personal life. Budgets help prevent spending unnecessary money on items you could do without. For a personal budget template, visit www.DavidRamsey.com. Tip #2: When you need an outsourced service provider, get bids and compare apples ...