One of the many challenges businesses face is overcoming their industry's poor reputation. SHE Leads Group has experienced this same thing. I was talking to one of our member's today and she was gushing about how different SHE Leads Group is over any other leads group she has ever attended. Read more.

According to Affective Neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp, these moments are the most impactful for connecting with your children. Us working moms can have a new view on these 9 precious minutes everyday. Read More.

Have you ever heard someone say, "Leads groups are not for me. I would not be good at passing leads."? Well those people could actually make some of the best leads group members. Yes, you heard me correctly. Not all of them, but some of them. Read more.

I'm Beth Boen, Founder of SHE Leads Group. With the amazing support of our members, SHE Leads Group has evolved into a very different kind of leads group and so much more than a leads group. SHE Leads Group is my passion, because I can share my 30+ years of sales, marketing and customer service experience to support and empower women. Read more about how we are so different and why I started SHE Leads Group.

Free leads groups may make sense for certain types of business, but for many business owners who are looking for more value-added benefits, free does not cut it. Read more.

Do you have a difficult time finding quality leads groups where your business category is not already filled or not any warm body is accepted? Have you and those in your network found it difficult to locate a networking group that is not full of start-ups and MLM/network marketing companies, but rather with well-established, well-connected members? SHE Leads Group has all the tools to help you start your own quality leads group, where you and your network can shape the success of the group. Read more.

My passion for connecting people has fed my soul and so has SHE Leads Group! With the new year, comes new goals and what exciting ones they are for SHE Leads Group. Read more.

Recently, the founder of another leads group invited me to one of his meetings. I was happy to accept his invitation and it seems he has a thriving leads group. One thing I realized is that I really do despise the “eating meeting” leads groups. I know that is a very strong word, but it is how I feel about it. Other people might feel the opposite, and that’s ok. Not everyone hates the “eating meetings”. Why would someone possibly hate an "Eating meeting"?

Yet another leads group is starting up in Denver. So what makes SHE Leads Group so different? SHE Leads Group focuses on helping moms in business, or moms in business development career roles. You need not be a mom to be in SHE Leads Group, you just have to appreciate moms. I am a mom of a 13 year old son. I have to say, he is what motivated me to start something so different than any other leads group out there. It is different in many ways. My story begins with years of involvement in different leads groups - from the large corporate owned leads groups, to little independent leads groups. I am a connector, so providing quality leads has never been a challenge for me. In fact in many of the leads groups I was a member, I was one of the top lead passers of quality leads. That brings me to the first difference. Read More...