Just because you pay your money and join a leads group doesn’t mean you sit back and watch the leads come rushing in.
Authentic connections must be created and relationships built before meaningful business is shared and referred. This is not what referral marketing looks like.

SHE Leads was created precisely to build and nurture supporting relationships for high achieving, professional women who still have real life commitments at the end of the day (and the beginning). SHE women work hard, support their loved ones at home, and thrive with a network of like-minded women helping build their businesses. They practice referral marketing on an ongoing basis.

It’s a privilege and a pleasure working with so many talented and professional women. The knowledge base shared amongst this group is incredible. What a tremendously supportive and caring women's leads group we have! I’m honored to be a member!

Beth Bogan - Owner, Ace Chat, Highlands Ranch, CO, and SHE Leads Group Member

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Ready for something different? Are you in the Denver metro area?

If you’ve tried leads groups or networking groups before and were left feeling a little, well, underwhelmed, maybe you just didn’t find the right group for you. SHE Leads Group is different. While we may not be a fit for everyone, we may be a PERFECT fit for you if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Groups that focus solely on stats (like attendance and filling out lead forms) instead of building relationships and finding the right power partners
  • Too many start-ups or MLMs (multi-level marketing) that may or may not even be a full-time gig for the owner
  • Too many takers, not enough givers (you especially notice this if you are a giver)
  • Lack of peer mentorship and training opportunities

Visit one of our virtual meetings!

Contact us to find out which Denver metro area SHE Chapter might be the most convenient for you and needs your industry area of expertise! No obligation whatsoever – we want to show you what we’re all about and have you observe the support and positive energy within our groups. We think you’ll see the difference!