Vanessa Koegler is a Financial Advisor with PFS Investments, located in Summerville, SC. Vanessa is an LEO wife, mom of two boys, and Financial Advisor. She's passionate about helping families create a vision for their financial futures and developing an easy to follow plan to get them there. If you're not sure where to start when it comes to your goals or even if you feel you have a good handle on things and just want a review, schedule a time to meet with Vanessa, and start creating the future you dream about!

Ideal Client:

Someone going through a transition that affects their finances, such as changing jobs, buying/selling a home, having children, getting married, or retiring. Vanessa is experienced with State employees such as teachers and first responders, and is also focusing on small business owners.

 Contact Information:
(267) 236-4811
Located in Summerville, SC