Cathy Schrowang is a Physical Therapist and the Owner of ReNu Physical Therapy and Wellness located in Summerville, SC. Cathy understands that women are so busy taking care of everyone and everything around them- the demands of work, caring for our family, and our home, that taking care of ourselves, especially our physical needs, ends up at the bottom of our to-do list. But ignoring our body’s attempts to get our attention can lead to complications or additional problems. Letting an injury or strain go on causes a prolonged state of inflammation and will delay healing. Also, our body will make adjustments or accommodations to avoid the pain, and this usually leads to straining other muscles and joints. ​ReNu Physical Therapy and Wellness provides the care you need to get your life back in balance.

Ideal Client
Average working mom-
30 to 60 y/o, primarily women (but will see men)
In clinic- 15 mile radius to Summerville.
Online- no limit to location

Power Partners
Private, holistic and alternate care providers

Contact Information
Office: 843-695-7419
Cell: 207-331-7350
Located in Summerville, SC