Lisa Rammacher is a Realtor with Home Grown Real Estate located in Summerville, South Carolina. Lisa provides service in every aspect of real estate including purchasing, selling, investing, and short sales. She helps the elderly who have lost a spouse or a spouse is losing or lost cognitive abilities to get the resources to get packed properly and sell to get funds to help keep their loved one in a care facility.

Ideal Client
Property owners that need to sell, not just because they want to move but because of a life happening, a circumstance ie; debt reduction, job move, divorce, or need one level living for an example. Lisa gets into the relational level in order to best serve that client. As a believe in Jesus, she thinks too many Realtors are out for themselves and ego - this is a very personal decision and one where the Realtor must have interpersonal and leadership skills.

Power Partners
HVAC Tech, Electrician, Health coach, Life Insurance salesman, Financial Planner, Home Designer, Accountant, Mental Health Professional

Contact Information
Located in Summerville, SC