Katie Nelson is the CEO of Sales UpRising located in Herndon, Virginia. Sales UpRising is a Business Coaching firm that takes solopreneurs to 6 and 7 figures as FAST as they can stand it! Katie believes that cashflow is like oxygen for your business; by focusing on sales activities every day, you fuel the fire that makes your business thrive. Every time you speak to a potential client, you are moving toward a sales goal.

Ideal Client:
Ideal client is a service based solopreneur/microbusiness who is looking for solid business foundations to grow a sustainable and scalable business. Comes to us with a "Let's DO this!" attitude!

Power Partners:
Bookkeepers, CPA's, Marketing firms, life coaches, other business coaches, branding consultants

Contact Information:
Phone 703-782-8757
Mobile 540-809-9524
Located in Herndon, VA