Lori Dubois is the owner of Marketing Troubadour, Inc. and an experienced marketing consultant in the metro Denver, Colorado. Lori has decades of marketing consulting and branding experience, 11 of which have been in her own company, Marketing Troubadour. She has a talent for identifying what her clients need most, where they are getting stuck, and helping them make a plan to brand and market their business that isn’t overwhelming or complicated. She is the creator of the 5-part “Branding Pie” and the “4 R’s of Storytelling,” as well as a speaker on topics such as the power of story, email marketing, the biggest branding mistake, and writing your own content.  

She knows every business is unique in the marketplace because no two businesses can have the same story. Lori excels at using that story to develop a brand and marketing strategy that differentiates organizations from their competitors. Her left-brain, right-brain balance gives her an approach that is both creative and analytical (harder to find than you'd think), critical for strategic marketing planning and effective implementation.  

A marketing consultant by trade, admin and project manager by background, librarian by training, and storyteller by nature, Lori loves creating connections. She is fueled by good conversations, good stories, and good people. When not behind a computer or speaking, Lori is found reading, writing, cooking, hiking, or spending time with her family. Marketing Troubadour occupies the marketing/branding consulting, content development, and email marketing spaces.

Ideal Client:
Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs who typically handle their own marketing, which can be code for “not getting it done.” People who need help identifying who their ideal clients are and how to reach them, people who know they are leaving money on the table from not staying in touch with their customers, and people who struggle understanding how they should brand their company properly are all good fits.

Power Partners:
Other B2B service providers who work with entrepreneurs/small business owners, such as coaches, bankers, CPAs, graphic designers, and other marketing companies.

Contact Info:
Serving the Metro Denver, CO area and beyond