Cherie Sutton is the owner of Cherie Sutton Photography located in Littleton, Colorado. She enjoys portrait photography and serves clients in the Southwest metro Denver area. Her focus with portrait photography is on senior portraits, family portraits & personal branding. She also works with teens & tweens, and women in fun confidence building photography. She does everything she can to make the photo experience easy and fun. Adulting is hard. Photos don't have to be.

Cherie loves to do senior portraits because of where they are in life, ready to forge ahead and make it on their terms. She also loves to do family photos because its amazing and beautiful to see the love and fun in family dynamics. Cherie enjoys personal branding shoots because she loves to see people succeed with their dreams. As a fellow entrepreneur, Cherie understand the challenges and feelings that go along with trying to build something. It gives her great pleasure to do what she can to help. Cherie is especially interested in working with women and veteran owned businesses, as Cherie is a veteran as well. She offers glamour and beauty, as well as teen/tween shoots aimed at building confidence and highlighting the wonderful human everyone else already sees.

Ideal Clients:
Cherie is in the Littleton area and works in all kinds of places in and around the metro Denver area, but will gladly travel far and wide for awesome shoots. Mostly she seems to work with women, probably because its often moms or wives that set up the shoots for family photos, and are quite honestly her main clients, or the driving force anyway.

Business Power Partners:
Boutique stores, realtors, mom's groups, professionals in various fields, stylists, dating services, marketing and business coaches and consultants, web designers.

Contact Info:
(O) 720-515-5141
(M) 303-514-3794
Located in Littleton, CO