Beth Andersen is the owner of Andersen Law, PC located in Littleton, Colorado, a forward-thinking law firm to help you handle your divorce, family law, estate planning and/or elder issues.

On Oct. 1, 2014, Beth Andersen opened the doors to Andersen Law PC. Beth and her team serve several active cases in family law as well as handle estate planning. Beth is a single point of contact for all of her clients.

She has a team of contractors and law graduate Philadelphia George to keep prices affordable. The team practices the AGILE philosophy using short term sprints, daily stand ups, slack and trello for tracking, and carefully tracked deadlines for accountability. Having practiced AGILE for years, Andersen Law is able to deliver the same results as larger, less efficient firms at a more affordable cost to our clients.

We offer full step services, being with you every step of the way. We also offer unbundled discrete legal services with a low cost retainer. Either way, we can coach, attend court and mediation, advise and draft documents. With Andersen Law at your side, you are never alone.

Beth takes great pride in crafting estate plans that are your legacy to future generations. This is not one-size-fits-all but rather a personally tailored plan addressing all your assets and determining the right appointments to make sure the plan is implemented smoothly and cooperatively. You worked hard to build your legacy and need to craft an estate plan that holds the family together and meaningfully passes it along to the next generation.

In family law, be it divorces, post-decree, allocation of parental responsibilities, or drafting estate plans, Beth has found a calling. She enjoys bringing legal knowledge to benefit her clients and their families.

Contact Info:
office: 720-922-3880
cell: 303-808-4794
Located in Littleton & Evergreen, CO