Sara Galster is the owner and founder of Actively Living Awesome & Galster Strong located in Parker, Colorado. She is a NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, StrongFirst SFGII, and Precision Nutrition Coach. She works with Moms to create fitness and wellness plans that align with the varied and busy stages of motherhood.

A mom of two and a life-long fitness enthusiast Sara chose the path of becoming a Coach and Trainer after being introduced to kettlebells and a world of strength she didn’t know existed. Her passion was ignited further after the birth of her second child and being frustrated and overwhelmed by the lack of information available for someone going through the extreme physical changes of motherhood. When she couldn’t find the type of coach she needed she became one and has since helped hundreds of moms on their own fitness journeys.

The fitness industry can be overwhelming and full of bogus information, so Sara makes it a point to meet every client where she is and create a plan specifically for the individual. With special focus on building strength, reestablishing a connection with the core, and creating long-term healthy habits Sara knows that living “Awesome” looks different for everyone.

When she is not coaching, Sara enjoys her own workouts with kettlebells and barbells, hiking with her family, going on coffee dates, singing loud and out of tune while driving, adventuring with her two kids, and snuggling her small smelly wiener dog.

Ideal Client:
Moms who desire to take a holistic, full-body approach to their health through strength training, movement, whole foods and mindset.

Business Power Partners:
Chiropractors, Functional Medicine Practitioners, Women’s Health Professionals, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and Energy Workers. Practitioners that work with women through the motherhood transition and utilize a holistic, whole-body approach.

Contact Info:
Located in Parker, CO