Kayleigh Schadwinkel is the founder and owner of POYDS Dance Company, a multi-branch dance studio located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and Crete, Nebraska. Kayleigh also owns Kayleigh Schadwinkel Dance & Choreography, a traveling choreography business which is a choreography and dance provider for the Midwest portion of the US.

Dance & Fitness Training / Lessons:
When people think of dance, they instantly think of pink, fluffy tutus, impatiently waiting in a dance studio lobby & suffering through a four hour dance recital; however, at POYDS Dance Company is NOT like the typical dance school. Instead, POYDS Dance Company is an innovative multi-branch dance company and traveling choreography business that provides dance & fitness training and musical theater choreography for individuals of all ages across the Midwest portion of the US.

POYDS Dance Company is one of the ONLY & 1st studios in the Midwest to focus attentively to the underserved kids and adult dance population by attentively positioning ourselves to serve individuals from ALL ages and dance backgrounds to have a non-competition and recreational approach and appreciation towards dance!

POYDS Dance Co. is a one stop shop for everyone in regards to their dance, fitness and choreography needs teaching over 20 different dance styles and classes in three different medians including: LIVE online dance & fitness classes, in-person with physical dancing health & safety guidelines along with hybrid style classes for ages 2 years - adults. Styles range from acro dance, kids creative movement, ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, musical theater, country line & swing dancing, stretch & strength, basic ballroom - salsa, cha cha, jive & jitterbug and more!

POYDS Dance Co. believes that dance has NO boundaries AND that ANYONE regards their dance background, age, skill level, and body type can put on their dancing shoes and enjoy the wonderful art of dance with us!

So what are you waiting for? P ut O n Y our D ancing S hoes with POYDS Dance Company!

Traveling Choreography Services:
Kayleigh Schadwinkel Dance & Choreography is a regionally traveling choreography and dance provider for the Midwest portion of the US that is overseen by award winning traveling choreographer and dance instructor, Kayleigh Schadwinkel - Hickman, who has over 24+ years of dance training and over 12+ years of choreography experience. Kayleigh has choreographed over 250+ dances across the Midwest portion of the US in less than 5 years including her choreographed work being featured in the Harlem Globetrotters World Tour Event - Halftime Performance in Lincoln, NE, Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival - Invited Scene in Des Moines, IA and even a music video in Chicago, IL.

Kayleigh Schadwinkel Dance & Choreography services include:
● Musical Theater Dance Choreography
● Dance Theater Workshops & Clinics
● Audition Prep Dance Technique Lessons
● Show Choir Choreography
● Music Video Choreography
● Dance Studio Guest Artist Featured Pieces Choreography
● Dance & Cheer Halftime Performance Routines
● After School Dance Program Creation & Instruction

Kayleigh provides one of a kind, high quality choreography with a fun, upbeat teaching approach that she
can relate to anyone of any age and dance background to put their best foot forward and execute the

About Kayleigh
Kayleigh is a dance entrepreneur and award-winning traveling choreographer with over 24 years of dance training and 12 years of choreography experience. Kayleigh was born and raised in Gering, Nebraska. She established her businesses while in college at Doane College in Crete, NE in April 2016 and has built up and grew her company to service dancers and organizations border to border in Nebraska and across the Midwest before recently moved to Colorado before COVID with her husband, Zach and their cat, Kitty Poppins. Colorado is a perfect fit for Kayleigh for she loves to hike and explore the great outdoors, enjoys working out and running along with watching movies with her husband and family.

Ideal Client: Kayleigh’s ideal client is:
● Young families with young children / teenagers (ages 2 years - 18 years)
● Collegiate and young adult (ages 22 - 49)
● Aspiring and/or working musical theater professionals
● 50 years+ adult dancers who are motivated to find a creative and exercise outlet
● Theater Companies / Colleges / Universities / High Schools seeking high quality, fun musical
theater dance choreography & workshops
● Schools seeking to incorporate more dance and musical theater after school and/or extra
curricular dance programming for their students to utilize and have access to high quality, fun,
interactive art programming in the Douglas County and Denver Metro area.

Power Partners:
Professional Theater Companies
Community Theater Companies
Children’s Theater Companies
Schools - Pre-K, Elementary, Middle & High School
Colleges / Universities
Gyms / Fitness Centers / Yoga Studios
Daycare Center
Vocal / Performing Arts Schools
Vocal / Music Lessons Studios
Personal Dietitian / Personal Health Consultant
Corporate / Charity Events - Community Themed Dance Class

Contact Info:
Mailing Address: 8374 S Russet Lane Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
Physical Address: 8800 S Colorado Blvd F, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126