Jenny Reynolds is the owner of Graceful Guidance Care Management located in Denver, Colorado, and a licensed clinical social worker and nationally certified as a geriatric case manager.

I help you make the tough decisions regarding care for the senior in your life, reduce unnecessary strain and expense by spending more money in support staff for your loved one, give you more time for your kids and other family members, and provide the comfort of knowing that your loved one is safe, has their medical needs being met by an appropriate team, and has a high quality of life. I am a private case manager with Graceful Guidance in my own practice (& clinical social worker by training). I work with managers & leaders in the tech field who are caring for their aging parents so that they can feel less worried, know their loved ones are well cared for, and be able to focus on their own teams and families. I often work with older adults with middle and later stages of dementia and older adults with mental health issues like severe depression. I am hired by their families who are stressed and often out of state, kind of like a “rent a daughter” with expertise in senior health and mental wellness. I eliminate the high anxiety caused by late night phone calls from the Emergency room, which leads to lots of worrying if your senior loved one is safe, supported, and getting what they need. I like to instill my clients and families with the belief that “Jenny has their back.” I do medical advocacy for important doctor appointments, weekly wellness assessments, set up appropriate services, and do ongoing monitoring to make sure that those services are meeting the older adults needs.  To learn more, you can find me at

Ideal Client:
Busy professional who has aging parents in the Denver metro area.

Power Partners:
Financial advisor, elder law attorney, fiduciary or money manager, doctor, other mental health therapists.

Contact Info:
Located in Denver, Colorado