Jackie Green is the CEO and Interior Designer Consultant & Strategist of Behind the Design located in Highlands Ranch, CO. Imagine working hard in design school, graduating at the top, and then gaining design experience at interior design firms. Something deep inside of you is eager to start your own design business. You can feel it in your heart. You want to choose what jobs you get to work on and when you get to do it. So you start a business. Before long, you are exhausted, not making money, and doing less designing than before. You are beginning to hate your career.

The truth is that it isn’t your fault. No one taught you how to run a business. This is something we teach in design school. While you think it is going to be butterflies and unicorns, the reality is that running a business is hard work. You might think you will design 80% of your time; in reality, you will design 20% of your time. The other 80% needs to be spent on building a successful business that one day you can sell for a good return.

This is where Jackie Green and Behind the Design comes in. Jackie helps interior designers build that dream business by helping increase revenue, gain visibility, and build a profitable business that you love. She does this through education, coaching, courses, and community.

Ideal Client
My ideal client is an interior designer who is starting a design business or struggling with making money and gaining visibility in their design business.

Power Partners

  • Interior Designers
  • Other coaches
  • Financial advisors
  • Realtors
  • Insurance providers
  • Service providers

Contact Info
Located in Highlands Ranch, CO