Gina Hebb is a Child and Adolescent Counselor with Empowering Families Counseling located in Littleton, Colorado. Gina provides mental health counseling to children, teens, and young adults as well as parent counseling/coaching. She utilizes play therapy for children under age 12 and integrates play-based strategies for adolescents as well. She also provides parent coaching and counseling. Her specialties include anxiety, depression, ADHD, family changes, school challenges, and victimization. She works with Jefferson County and Arapahoe/Douglas to provide victims compensation and will soon be taking medicaid clients.

Ideal Client:
Children to young adults, between age 3-mid-20's
Parents of children and adolescents

Power Partners:
Jefferson County Schools
Douglas County Schools
Foothills Park and Rec, Children's services
Stepping Stones Learning Center
Cobblestone Speech Therapy

Contact Info:
(303) 704-8046
Located in Littleton, CO