Diane Lopes, is with Resilient Financial serving the Denver metro area and she is the Secretary of the Highlands Ranch Chapter. She has been helping people with financial planning and education for more than seven years. She enjoys educating people on how to eliminate debt and create wealth.  Diane enjoys seeing her clients have their “ah-ha” moment while she walks them through her financial education. Most clients ask why their current advisor hasn’t taught them this before.  Education is key and it’s what drives Diane to do what she does…help her clients find financial peace and freedom.  She is affiliated with Kingdom Advisors and Financially Fit Females. She enjoys Bible study, reading, cycling, windsurfing, scuba diving, and body surfing. Kardia occupies the financial planning and life insurance category.

Ideal Client:
Diane enjoys working with people that want to be educated about how money works and who are concerned about increasing taxes and how they can invest to keep the government out of their money. She enjoys working with clients who are employed or self-employed, in their 40 – 50’s with a family.

Business Power Partners:
Accountants, bookkeepers, mortgage brokers, P & C Brokers, estate planning and divorce attorneys.

Serving the Denver metro area