Amber Peoples is an owner of and the President of Atlas Services in Denver, CO. Atlas Services is a bookkeeping and accounting firm, that also provides payroll & human resources support.

Amber’s path to accounting was very quick and simple… she found that accounting came naturally to her when she took a beginning course in high school & didn’t fight nature. She has worked for a few CPA and accounting/bookkeeping firms in the past but found that she was not able to provide the customer support that she wanted to as client volume was the focus.

Atlas Services specializes in working with trade and service-based small to midsized companies (up to $10 million in revenue). Atlas Services employees put themselves on the client’s team & act as a single unit (acting as if an employee of the client) to ensure that all needs are met. Their passion is teaching the business owners how to interpret the reports in a way that helps them make decision for their businesses. Their mission to is to take the everyday bookkeeping and monthly accounting functions off our client’s plates so they can focus on what they went into business for, which isn’t reconciling their own bank account & making collection calls.

Ideal Client
• Trade, Restaurant, Construction, Service-Based Company
• Business owner that is spending too much time doing their own bookkeeping
• Business owner that is not happy with their current in house or outsourced bookkeeper/accountant
• Business owner that wants to get back to their passion, why they went into business
• Company that is looking to sell in the next 3-5 years
• Business owner that does not have an employee handbook

Business Power Partners:
CPAs, tax preparers, commercial real estate agents. business bankers/lenders, corporate attorneys, commercial insurance brokers

Contact Info:
720-577-4920 (office cell – text/call)
ocated in Denver Colorado