Laura Martinez is the Community Liaison for Rooted 303, a non-profit providing recovery support located in Englewood Colorado serving the Denver metro area. Rooted 303 is a non-profit organization working to bridge the gap for continued recovery. They start where other programs end and help those impacted by addiction reclaim their futures. Rooted 303 offers peer coached support groups, relationship workshops and classes. They provide job coaching and job placement services for immediate employment, as well as long-term career development. Rooted 303 provides volunteer outreach opportunities for participants to get involved with the community. They do all of this at no cost to the participant! At Rooted 303 they believe that everyone deserves a second chance.

Ideal Clients:
Anyone who has been impacted by addiction of any type, not just substance abuse. As a non-profit, we are always looking for business partnerships to offer employment opportunities for participants and to provide monetary support for Rooted 303.

Business Power Partners:
Clinical Rehab Centers
Sober Homes
Counselors, Psychologists
AA/NA programs
Government entities

Contact Info:
Located in Englewood, Colorado serving the Denver metro area

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