Heather Hukari is the Owner and Lead Creative of Video Service Hub, a video production company based in Denver Colorado. In today's media-first world, video is a necessary tool for a business of any size. Heather brings 20+ years of experience in the industry to every video project. From ideation to final creation, VSH can lead the way through every step of the video process.

If professional video isn't in your wheelbarrow at the moment, Heather also offers a comprehensive online course called Social Video 101. This course is tailored for small business owners who want a video presence, whether that be on social media or to get in front of their current clients in a more personal way. All you need is a smartphone to start making great-looking, effective videos!

Aside from making videos, Heather enjoys pickleball and spending time with her adorable son, Boston. They are outside a lot exploring the big, beautiful world!

Ideal Client:
A small business owner who wants to create marketing videos for their website, social media, and digital advertising to grow their business.

Business Power Partners:
Business Owners, Marketers, Designers

Contact Info:
Located in Denver, Colorado

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