Starla Kizzar is a loan officer for The Mortgage Co. a locally owned lender located in Centennial Colorado. Starla assists borrowers with tailor fitting the best mortgage loan for their unique situation. She finds that a lot of borrowers are intimidated about the mortgage lending process as it can seem daunting and overwhelming at times. She focuses a lot on the education process, as she finds the better her borrowers understand the process, the less stressed they become and more excited as to what’s to come.

I little background about Starla, She has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. For the majority of her career she worked as a Escrow Officer with a title company. One of her many pleasures of this position was being able to sit in a closing room and listen to individual stories on how these borrowers or sellers decided on purchasing or selling or why they were refinancing their home. She especially enjoyed the first-time homebuyers. They were always so nervous and excited that she could feel their energy in the room, and it would make your day by handing them their keys to their “home”.

Then came the day Starla decided to take some time off after having her youngest son. That was about when her client of 10+ years, The Mortgage Company offered her a position to work part-time behind the scenes. It was the perfect fit! She got to enjoy the earlier years of her babies and could still stay up with all the industry rules and regulation changes. As her sons grew and started school, naturally she started to have this urge to get back and in front of people again. Starla so missed those interactions and hearing their stories. She wanted to take what she learned based of observations from all the closings she did and really educate and communicate the process with her borrowers. That way they know what to expect and why it’s being requested. At the closing table, it was those clients who were always the most thrilled and happy about their transaction. They were informed and knew exactly what to expect. Then received what was promised! It’s that simple!

Ideal Client:
First-time home buyers and borrowers who want to make a financial impact on their future.

Power Partners:
Realtors, financial planners, divorce attorneys, estate attorneys, property/casualty insurance agents.

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Located in Centennial, Colorado
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