Linda Galambos is a certified life coach in Arvada, Colorado. Linda is passionate about serving women over 50 as they seek to re-purpose their life while still growing influence and significance. Often we find that we've "checked the boxes" and done all the things that we set out to do and now we wonder what's next in this second half of life. Sometimes the path ahead is not as clear as we want it to be, as there are many changes that we experience in midlife. Working with a life coach can help you see that path more clearly and more quickly so that you don't feel so alone or isolated in this season of life.

Linda offers the following services:

  • 1:1 life coaching
  • Group life coaching
  • Group classes

Linda specializes working with women who are experiencing:

  • Divorce or challenging relationships
  • Empty nest
  • Death of a significant other
  • Death of a parent
  • Dissatisfaction in their career
  • Health or other personal issues

Linda holds degrees and certifications in Therapeutic Recreation, Transformational Life Coaching, Brain Health and Positive Intelligence.

Ideal Client
Women over 50 (ish) who want to still grow their significance and purpose as they age but find themselves feeling "lost" or uncertain on what steps to take to create the changes they seek.

Power Partners
Therapists, counselors, human resource professionals, Financial advisors, attorneys, realtors, Insurance professionals, health and wellness practitioners, fitness and personal trainers, hair stylists.

Contact Information
Located in Arvada, CO