Laura Mahony, LPCC is a therapist and neurofeedback clinician at LuxNeuro located in Denver, Colorado. Laura helps people that are dealing with life stressors, sleep concerns, trauma, or simply someone who wants to fire on all cylinders in their life. Clients who go through neurofeedback are able to move from surviving their life to creating it!

Ideal Client:
Laura's ideal client is someone who is ready to shed the things that are holding them back in their life whether that is anxiety, depression, poor sleep or not sleeping, wants to get off of medication, ADHD, autism, or feeling stuck from life's circumstances. At LuxNeuro, we treat kids through those in their 80's and beyond!

Power Partners:
Therapists who have clients that are stuck week after week. Laura works with many therapists where they do the deep dives and she works on the brain and person's physiology. Really most businesses will be great partners as we all either have something to overcome or want to grow or know others who either are struggling or want to optimize.

Contact Info:
Located in Denver