Heather Pridemore, CEO and Founder of Pridemore Coaching located in Arvada, Colorado, specializes in empowering first-generation & rising professionals to achieve personal and professional growth. Leveraging a unique mix of business expertise and a passion for personal development, she offers transformative coaching services that foster authenticity, self-advocacy, and workplace success.

Her client-centric coaching approach combines practical workplace insights with values such as story, authenticity, self-advocacy, and candor. Through a collaborative partnership, Heather helps clients uncover hidden talents, ignite their true passions, and pave the way for a fulfilling, successful future. Grounded in real-world experience, her coaching methodology addresses the complex dynamics of today's workplace, enabling clients to achieve both personal and professional fulfillment.

Ideal Clients:
My ideal clients are mid-career rising professionals and first-generation white-collar professionals.

Power Partners:
Resume Writers, College Coaches, Outplacement Services, Professional Brand Coaches, Recruiters, HR professionals, and therapists.

Contact Info:
Located in Arvada, CO

On Social:

“Heather is a formidable talent who uses her insightful listening and professional experience to uncover previously untapped natural strengths. Heather takes these undeveloped personal strengths and brings out the best. […] The growth and breakthroughs I experienced led to taking more action and resulted in stronger mental muscles […] On top of all the progress we made, Heather is friendly, compassionate, funny, and extremely easy to talk to. Like drinking a cup of coffee with a friend, she put me at ease, and I was never intimidated or overwhelmed […] Take a leap with Heather and enjoy all the satisfaction and successes to come.”

Samantha R.